Todd Hallam

I love to tell stories through visual means.

I have worked over the past 20 years as an offline and online editor and motion designer for many broadcast television series and specials (visit the Edit Page to see my television experience). Much of my professional time is now spent crafting animations with the goal to entertain and inform.

My skills reach across many areas with 2d and 3d animation, editing, conceptualizing and project management being my top strengths. I also possess skills and a flair for color grading, photography (composition), illustration and 3dmodelling and I can multi-task and whip off a killer scratch track with the best of them.

I enjoy the freelance lifestyle and the way it allows me to work on a large variety of projects and amazing clients and continue my passion for learning. Freelancing also allows me the freedom to spend time with my dogs who assist me by sleeping on the couches and doggie beds in my home studio.

When I'm not chained to my computers I enjoy racquetball, drumming, cycling, photography and getting on the floor to play with my pups.

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