Book trailer Videos for Publishers

SideshowFX has been a leader in producing online content for various publishing houses for several years. This page features some of the motion graphic and animated videos we have created for this industry. These book trailers have proven quite successful on social media to draw attention to your new releases, drive traffic to your website and help to increase sales. You'll find our vast experience and creativity allows us to create a visual tool bringing words to life in the promotion of your publications and they're budget-friendly too. Any genre can be adapted from teen romance, to science fiction to textbooks. Contact us to see how we can help your next newest release.



Clockwork Dynasty
Publisher: Doubleday

With just the front cover provided, this video takes the viewer deep inside the mechanical workings of the machine. An immersive 3d environment of gears and pistons along with reviews etched on parts of the machine invite the viewer to find out more.


The Iron King
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

Fractured mirror text conveys the delicate but fantastical nature of the world Meghan finds herself in. Animated and treated filigrees combined with book images tease the story.

69,059 views on Youtube


The Great Big Book of Horrible Things
Publisher: W.W. Norton

Using various illustrations from the book, this video colorfully displays the macabre factoids in a playful manner.


Pushing The Limits
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

The lead character a teen girl named Echo is a painter and this theme was drawn upon to communicate her fateful attraction to the wrong boy. Kinetic text and chaotic paint daubs punctuate her angst in this tease to the story.

16,086 views on Youtube


Inside Out
Publisher: Harlequin Teen

This video was crafted as a fully immersive underground labyrinth where Trella, a scrub, resides and inadvertently starts a revolution.

An intricate 3d environment was built and lit to create the claustrophobic atmosphere. The viewpoint was first person, causing the audience to feel her panic at getting caught where she shouldn't be.

10,874 views on Youtube


The Worst-Case Scenario Ultimate Adventure Novels
Publisher: Chronicle Books

Animating the illustrations in the book series, this trailer creates a life or death situation in which the viewer decides the outcome.


TLC Cookbook
Publisher: Paragon Books

Riding the waves of a series of successful food related programming, TLC and Paragon Books commissioned SideshowFX to produce a video featuring the clean sophisticated layout and content of this new publication.


Publisher: Doubleday

Provided with only a few images of promotional material, this animation developed a life of its own borrowing from the sometimes bizarre world the author created. Full creative license was given to mimic the exploits of the lead character utilizing a mix of practical and digital materials resulting in a truly unique trailer.

25,531 views on Youtube


Lego Playbook
Publisher: DK Publishing

Building the images in the pages of the book using block style transitions reinforces the Lego theme throughout this animation.


The Fix
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

A grungy kinetic text treatment and a stop-frame motion feel provide the framework for this new publication.


Lego Superheroes Batman Visual Dictionary
Publisher: DK Publishing

Pages come to life as we book inside the book within the Star Wars universe.


The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook
Publisher: B&H Publishing Group

Mixing Live action with colorful animation bring this book to life promoting the interactivity element.


Lego Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles
Publisher: DK Publishing

The Yoda character is feature giving an inside look at the newest release in the Lego Star Wars series.


Royal House of Shadows
Publisher: Harlequin

Using 3d vivid colors and imagery, this video creates tension and curosity about this book series.


500 Days
Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Using a kinetic text approach, this video combines gritty imagery supporting telling quotes surrounding the terror wars, compelling the viewer to discover more.


Publisher: Penguin Random House

Hand drawn character animation details different scenarios in which the main character sees him or herself differently than others perceive them.


Love Inspired
Publisher:  Harlequin

Video footage of wholesome scenes reflecting the keywords presented in animated text inform the viewer what this series from harlequin is all about